We are the agent for the property buyers in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Hello Riviera offer unique holiday homes and different services through selected partners

The villas and apartments that are for sale on our site are selected among the most attractive properties and locations in Cote d’Azur. We are 100 % on the buyer’s side during the whole process; from finding a property – to closing the deal. On top of that, we can offer professional guidance throughout the entire purchasing process in multiple languages through our consultants, by recommending advisable legal counselors, banks and notaries.

Please use our property search tools above to find the villa or apartment that fits your criteria.

Even if we do not have the property of your dreams in our current portfolio, we will offer you our service of finding the right property for you. When filling in the booking form *, please choose your preferred language. Our consultants are fluent in 8 different languages.

You are in trusted hands with us.

*The booking forms are located next to the properties and under ‘’contact us’’.

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Villas for sale

We have a wide arrange of attractive villas for sale, where the majority are located among the best addresses in The Riviera.

Apartments for sale

Our wide arrange of apartments are located in some of the most unique and beautiful areas of The Riviera.


Commercial properties for sale

We have different property development projects currently ongoing with a business objective in mind. These projects are located throughout France and in parts of Italy.

Holiday services and transport

When visiting The Riviera, we offer unique holiday services such as presentation of the area, exciting activities and transportation from the airport to your hotel and back again.